Peppy Teardrop

A Peppy Teardrop was prisoner of a tyrannic cheek. One early morning, she decided to escape from her jailer by rolling down on Sir Neck. 


By chance, she landed in a fully equipped kitchen, travelled on a valiant mop, but the water of its bucket was thrown away in the river.


A magic adventure started. After a ride on a golden rainbow trout, Peppy Teardrop found herself splashing around in a new ocean called Poetic, unknown by scientists.


Peppy was joyful, alive and the tyrannic cheek was only a distant painful memory.


It was the cheek of a French romantic poet. Peppy was his slave, forced to work and make him cry hours by candlelight. 


Conversely, Peppy was a funny, free little girl and refused despotism.




“Walk away is the remedy of dismay.”

© 2016