The Apothecary

Insert a common word like “seed” in a round bottom flask

Fill the bottle halfway with curiosity and imagination

You should see an instant eruption of carbon dioxide gas of words, a fizzing action, a volcano of sentences.


Or just put syllables like “Wa” or “You” or a sound like “Z” in the bottom of a clear plastic film canister and then dream with strength, quickly put the cap on and watch the acid-base reaction.


Look at the pigments of words, reddish, bluish or yellow green color.Pour a little of each syllable into separate test tubes or small glasses or jars.

Use the litmus paper to determine which syllables are acids and which are bases.

Make a bubble wand with your pencil and breathe on the lead. 

The poem is an invisible bubble of pure air with Rimbaud pattern. 

Blow slowly: metaphor, 




                                                        oxymoron, litotes,

                                                                              synecdoche in the air of irony. 


                                           The bubbles stay afloat.



      The PH indicator is blue violet said the apothecary-poet.

© 2016