Champagne! Pipi des Anges

Grapes of joy! Let me introduce you.

First the chilled body of your glass bottle in my dominant hand

Your golden and red foil wrapped around the cork that I undress 

I feel the resistance when I gently slide you out against my hip.

And when I increase the distance between my hands

You pop like a firearm.

Champagne! Angel’s buzz 

Your smoke is divine. 

Then, you run fast in the crystal fluted glass

And millions of fire flies chirp

Champagne! but I wait few seconds before devouring you.



Gas of paradise

Your pizzicato in my mouth 

makes my head dance the waltz.

Champagne! you are my best lover

But I wait few seconds before devouring you!


The flute is over

Anxiety is released

The vanishingly small joins the immensely big

The planet Earth is peaceful!


© 2016